Stoycho Mladenov: The bitterness of losing the cup final has passed because Levski are behind us in the standings

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The operational director of CSKA Stoicho Mladenov took stock of the past season.

"The balance sheet is clear and definite. We are extremely pleased because the club started from the lowest level and now we are enjoying a great development at all levels, starting from the first team - the highest level, to the third level, the elite groups and so on. We are extremely satisfied and happy with the way it is working. We hope that next year will be even more successful," began CSKA operations director Stoicho Mladenov.

"Almost everyone said they were bitter about not being able to win the Cup. I also had a similar thing, but it disappeared the moment I looked at the standings at the end of the championship and saw that we were again ahead of Levski. God willing, let it continue like this," added Mladenov.

"It's one thing to be on the coach's bench, it's another thing to be in the stands. The pleasure is the same. I hope we have success in the European club tournaments. And I wish it from the bottom of my heart to the entire management, to the players and especially to the head coach. With us, everything is crystal clear, there is no need to prove our fair play. You have to ask about the others. There are also bodies that can trace the truth from A to Z. There were questionable matches, but I can't tell you the specifics. I don't want to deal with the opponents. Let them analyze and reevaluate their behavior," he continued.

“Next year should be better. We're used to it and that's everyone's mentality. I hope that in the next one or two years this will happen and we will fight for the title. We are extremely ambitious," concluded Stoycho Mladenov.

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