Pedrinho: We will fight for the title

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The press conference started with Pedrinho being awarded the number 1 player in the round of 34 for the 2023/24 season

"I'm happy to be here! Thanks to all of you," the CSKA player began.

"The goal for our team was not to confuse the accounts of any team. We mind our own business. We play fair and it has been proven to everyone. For this season, I hope that the team will not confuse the accounts of only the teams that have claims, and that we will also fight for the first place, which is the goal for us."

"There is a team in the dressing room, which is the most important thing. Now many new players have arrived, which I hope will raise the level and competition in the team. Competition makes every single player better because everyone wants to play. I think this season the team will be stronger and we will fight for the title, that is the goal.”

"I try to score every game regardless of who we play against, it is important for me to score. Of course, scoring a goal against Ludogorets, CSKA-Sofia and Levski is something different, and I will try to score against Levski in this match."

"I managed to adapt quickly to Bulgaria, to football. After all, I have been in Bulgaria for over 5 months. Of course, now the other teams know how I play, how I like to play. It's normal for there to be special attention and for teams to have more special tactics, but there are other good players in our team who will press and leave me free to score goals."

"I have been here for a very short time, it is strong to say that I have become the leader of the team. There are quite a few leaders right now. I'm here to work hard, that's my job, to help the club and normally if I continue to develop and score important goals, eventually become a leader, but that's in time. It's too early to talk about that now.”

"I am contacting our players. Before matches, I also talk to the other Brazilians who are in the other teams, which is normal. Brazilians are not only in Bulgaria. There are a lot of Brazilians everywhere in the world and that's nice, but everywhere I go there are Brazilians.”

"I don't have a final assessment of Bulgarian football yet, I've been here for a while, but if we compare it to Brazilian football, it's played more aggressively than Brazil. In Brazil they play 80 games a year and you can't play at that level because they play slower, more technically and that's the difference."

"If the CSKA team plays in the Brazilian "Serie A", I see it in the middle of the table, because in Brazil there are quite serious teams with quite a serious budget. Our team is good, but I think we can fight for the middle of the table (in Brazil).”

"It was a very serious preparation, we played against serious teams. I think the team is ready to beat any opponent in Bulgaria," Pedrinho concluded.

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