Georgi Rusev: We must go 100% and congratulate ourselves on the success.

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CSKA football player Georgi Rusev gave his opinion on the upcoming match of the Reds from the IX round of the efbet League.

"I hope we put in a good performance and congratulate ourselves with the three points. I hope we dictate the pace and be the leading team. It doesn't matter that we are ahead in the standings, when we go out on the pitch it's 0-0. These three points are important for our team, especially for "Reds", began Georgi Rusev

"I don't think it's respectful when we visit the "Reds" not to write our team's name. It's disrespectful to our team. When they were our guests, we respected them with their name and I think that that's the way it should be going forward," he continued.

"The main thing is to follow the plan of the headquarters and to believe in ourselves, because that is the most important thing. The "Reds" is a tough guest. I guess more people will come, which will make the match more interesting."

"I don't think we should look at the standings and there should be tension that we are ahead of them. We should go 100% and congratulate ourselves on the success. For us, the most important match is the next one in the case of "Reds".

"The most normal thing is that there are provocations. It is everywhere. Even in Podgorica before the European qualification, there were such unsportsmanlike events. We must be prepared for that," Rusev added.

"Of course I'm angry. You play for Bulgaria and when you don't win it's hard. Against Montenegro we showed a good face in the second half, but at the end of the day football is a game of goals. They scored two and we scored one. he enjoyed it, there was a lot of disappointment. These games are behind us and we have to look forward," he concluded.

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