CSKA with success over Eter in a match of the VI round of the efbet League

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In the second minute came the first opportunity for CSKA to score a goal, but the ball was kicked into the corner.

From the corner kick, the Reds managed to hit the crossbar of the visitors' goal.

In the 6th minute, Radi Kirilov broke through from the right and created a danger situation.

In the 8th minute, after an attack with many combinations, Radoslav Kirilov shot again at the goal.

The next danger attack of the game came from a corner when Viyachki strike dangerously but it went outside the goal.

1 minute later, Radi Kirilov crossed sharply, and Eliton intercepted but unsuccesfully.

In the 21st minute, Radoslav Kirilov shot very dangerously, but the ball was kicked into the corner.

From the corner, Vutov intercepted with the volley, but his shot was parried.

Seconds later, Pedrinho tried something out of the ordinary and almost succeeded and scored a famous goal.

In the 24th minute, Pedrinho passed several players of the visitors and shot over the goal.

2 minutes later, after a static situation, Eliton shot a header, but Martin Velichkov deflected the shot.

In the 30th minute, Ivaylov Chochev scored with a penalty goal!

4 minutes later, Chochev scored again, but his goal was disallowed due to an offside.

At the end of the first half, Antonio Vutov created problems for the defense of the guests, but he shot out.

In the 48th minute, CSKA counter-attacked dangerously, but a nothing serious happened.

In the 54th minute, Radi Kirilov broke through and shot, but the ball was knocked out for a corner.

In the 59th minute, Radoslav Kirilov scored and his goal was disallowed, making it the second disallowed goal for CSKA.

In the 77th minute, again corner after corner, Eliton threatened the goal of Etar.

7 minutes later, Radoslav Kirilov tried a long-range shot.

In the last minute, Radi Kirilov hit the crossbar after a powerful shot.

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