Zero draw for CSKA II against Dobruja

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The match of the 5th round of the Second League between Dobrudja and CSKA II ended without a final winner, as well as without goals.

In the 12th minute, CSKA II's Simeon Vasilev was officially cautioned after a foul just outside the Reds' penalty area.

A little later came the first corner kick in the match, which was in favor of CSKA II. After the cross, the ball hit the head of Svetoslav Dikov, who made a dangerous shot, but the ball was cleared in another corner kick.

In the 37th minute, the Reds received a second yellow card for Thiago Barbosa.

2 minutes later, the Reds served a dangerous attack, in which a player from CSKA II made a strong shot, but the goalkeeper of the hosts kicked it into a corner.

The second half started with a very dangerous attack in favor of CSKA II, where a CSKA player was left alone against the Dobruja goalkeeper, but after the intervention of a defender, the ball was cleared for a corner kick.

In the 53rd minute, Martin Atanasov received a yellow card.

9 minutes later, Marijan Tonev followed him and also received a yellow card.

In the 67th minute, after a direct free kick, the Reds won a corner.

3 minutes later, Dikov shot by head but out of the goal.

In the 84th minute, the Reds were left with a man less, because Martin Atanasov received a second yellow card and a red respectively.

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