Nikolay Panayotov: As long as the club needs me, I will work

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The temporary head coach of CSKA Nikolay Panayotov gave a briefing before the match against Etar.

I am glad to have the opportunity to see the CSKA team and thank the management for the trust. There are quite a few quality players in the dressing room, every coach who works with them wants to perform at his best. It is an honor to work for me. As long as the club needs me, I will work. First of all, the goal is for the team to perform in the best possible way against Etar. It's hard to say yet if they're used to it - as unexpected for them as it is for me. We're trying to have a spirit in the dressing room and get a win. I have no experience, but every coach has goals, of course. Time will tell if we will be able to achieve them. We have problems with Jonathan and Zheka, who are permanently injured. The rest are in good condition. In view of our players, it is mandatory to play attacking football, I am a supporter of this type of football. I hope the boys believe they can, there is exceptional quality in the team, we have to play attacking. I come to help, I talk to the players to find a good solution for them and to be able to come out mobilized for the next match. I cannot give evaluations to the colleagues who were before me", were the words of the temporary head coach of the Reds Nikolay Panayotov.

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