Kiril Kotev: The goals during the season were fulfilled

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CSKA sports director Kiril Kotev took stock of the past season and revealed interest in some of the players who won bronze medals in the efbet League.

"The set goals were met, which is the most important thing. I want to thank Liubo Penev and his staff, as well as Toshko Yanchev. They have a great contribution to everything we have achieved. I want to wish success to Atanas Ribarski as well," he began Kiril Kotev.

The sports director also commented on the selection policy of the "Reds".

"We are looking at both places - we have Bulgarians in whom we are interested, we also have foreign footballers with whom we are already in talks. We are looking at players in the forward position," added Kotev.

After winning bronze medals in the efbet League, there is no lack of interest in CSKA players

"Enrique Rafael is interested in him and we are currently negotiating. We will see how we will part with him," added the sporting director of the "Reds". There is indeed interest in Ivaylo. Everything is a matter of talks. for We have an inquiry for Dani Naumov Georgi Rusev , but there is nothing concrete", concluded Kiril Kotev.

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