Ivaylo Chochev: I feel good at CSKA

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The top scorer of the efbet Liga and CSKA Ivaylo Chochev took stock of the past season.

"In my opinion, we had a very good season with third place and a cup final. Maybe the bitterness from the lost final is left and I hope that next year we will again reach the dispute for the trophy and win it. I want to thank all the coaches, teammates and people who worked at the club. I think everyone did their best. Here comes the hardest part. Expectations will be higher after the third place," began Ivaylo Chochev.

"I have a contract with the club, I feel good here. If a very good offer arrives, we will sit at the table and negotiate, but now I am fully focused on performing in the European tournaments. It wasn't my goal at the beginning of the season to become the top scorer considering the position I play. As the end of the season approached, I started to make it a goal. I'm glad that I became the top scorer, for me it's a big success. I'm also happy to be back in the national team, I'll do my best. It is an honor and a responsibility to play for the national team," he added.

"I expect two tough games, there are no easy games in Europe. I don't know most of the boys because their names are already younger. I know them from the field. I hope we make a good team, a good collective, show good games in both games. It will be very hard. All teams are building up a lot and playing strong and dynamic football. My job was to show good games at club level. We have achieved our goals and I hope I have helped a lot. Maybe the coaches thought that I was ready for the national team just now. I have played a lot of matches abroad, I am required to go out and show what I show in the club team as well," continued Chochev.

"I hope the coach will give me a break, as much as the others have. However, I think that everyone needs to take a break from football and pay attention to their family and recharge", finished the top scorer of the championship with a smile and received a joking answer from Stoycho Mladenov that he will only rest for two days.

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