Dobrin Gyonov: We want to play in the Conference League groups

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The executive director of CSKA Dobrin Gyonov took stock of the past season, in which they won the bronze medals in the efbet League.

"My balance sheet is not just for the season. I'll go back a bit. You know what happened in 2016. In fact, the biggest club in Bulgaria, CSKA, went bankrupt. CSKA 1948 was created, which was supposed to inherit the moral values of the "army" club. We started from the lowest level. In the "Lyulin" district was the first official match with CSKA juniors. In 7 years, in 7 seasons, we reached the European club tournaments. This is a huge achievement on a global scale. That's why we were invited to be part of the European club association, because of the good example, without fulfilling all the criteria", began Gyonov.

“As far as this season goes, the numbers speak volumes. We've been in the top 3 all season. We got to the cup final, it's bittersweet, we lost it, but it's a huge achievement for us to get to the final and play this game. Ivo is the top scorer of the league, Yoskov is the top scorer of the Second League, although he played only one half-season. Apart from the highest level, quite good results were also shown by the second and third teams from the school. There is no balance, there is no rule that we have set to play mainly with Bulgarians, but we prefer them. We know them, they are in our market. I have repeatedly said that the market in Bulgaria is limited, our goals are getting higher and higher. We have many nationals. We will hold on to them and develop them," he continued.

"Our ambition is to reach the group stage. It won't be easy. Potential rivals have also come out recently. We have to prepare a strong team. June 21 is the draw for the first qualifying round. Regarding the Super Cup, we are facing Ludogorets, we lost, now I hope we will give them a rematch", concluded Dobrin Gyonov.

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