CSKA with an important victory over Slavia

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CSKA defeated Slavia 2:0 in a match of the VII round of efbet Liga.

The first danger opportunity in the match was in front of the Reds' goal, but Dani Naumov managed to knock the ball out.

In the 12th minute CSKA scored for 0:1 by shot by Pedrinho, which shooted off the post, and Karagaren added from close range.

Shortly after, Pedrinho tried to shoot from a free kick, but Krastev was careful.

In the 21st minute, Karagaren crossed sharply to Rooney Eva, who failed to aim the ball.

3 minutes later, Rooney had another chance to score, but his shot was too weak to trouble the hosts' defence.

27th minute Rooney Eva misses the ball with a header after a brilliant cross.

4 minutes later, he scored his first goal with the red shirt.

In the 35th minute, Ivaylo Chochev shot from close range, but Krastev saved.

In the 50th minute, a danger attack was created after a corner, which miraculously did not result in a goal.

Seconds later Nikola Iliev shot dangerously.

Galin Ivanov threatened the red defense with an individual raid, but Dani Naumov made a great save.

In the 70th minute, Georgi Rusev tried to put the ball into the net with one touch, but it went over the bar.

15 minutes before the end of regular time, Erol Dost shot dangerously from the distance butDaniel Naumov managed to save.

In the 80th minute, after Georgi Rusev's cross, Ivaylo Chochev intercepted the ball, which went inches from the goal.

Shortly before the end of regular time, Roberto Raichev was found by Vladimir Nikolov, but Daniel Naumov again saved the shot.

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