CSKA II lost against Strumska Slava

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CSKA's second team recorded its third loss since the start of the season. Borislav Kyosev's footballers lost against Strumska Slava 0:2.

The start was better for the Reds and by the 15th minute they made two dangerous attacks. In the first case, Dragomir Petkov intervened and made a save, and in the second Stelian Dobrev shot out of the goal. The visitors were mostly satisfied with counter-attacking play, and their first accurate shot came in the 37th minute through former CSKA footballer Alexander Asparuhov.

In the second half, CSKA again reached the goal position first, but Valentin Yoskov's shot hit the crossbar. Despite the more active performance of the hosts, Strumska Slava scored second goal. In the 69th minute, Vasil Bozhinov proved to be the smartest in Ganev's penalty area and scored from close range for 1:0. The visitors scored a second goal 10 minutes before the end of the match. Alexander Asparuhov made the final score 2:0 and sealed the victory for Strumska Slava.

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