CSKA and Hebar ended in a 1:1 draw

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CSKA and Hebar finished 1:1 in a match of IV round of efbet League.

Before the match, CSKA awarded the team's former coach Lyuboslav Penev, as well as the former Sports Director of the Army, Radoslav Zdravkov, for their contribution to the successes achieved during the past season and the bronze medals won by CSKA.

The first danger in the match came before Rooney Eva, who made a weak shot and did not trouble the visitors' goalkeeper.

In the 6th minute, Antonio Vutov took the ball near Hebar's penalty area, there was a shot, but the ball went into the corner.

A little later, the Reds threatened the visitors' goal again through Rooney Eva, who shot dangerously.

In the 13th, CSKA made a dangerous counterattack, Antonio Vutov passed Igonen, but the ball was cleared from the goal line.

A minute later, Tallis was brought down in the penalty area and the Reds were awarded the penalty kick.

Pedrinho took the penalty for CSKA, but the visitors' goalkeeper reflected his shot.

In the 22nd minute, Martin Mihailov received a second yellow card and a red, respectively, after tripping Pedrinho, who was speeding.

In the 34th minute, Heliton headed in after a corner, but the ball went over the top post.

At the end of the first half, Daniel Naumov saved a powerful shot at CSKA's goal and knocked the ball into the corner.

Already at the beginning of the second half, Pedrinho broke into the penalty area and opened the scoring.

In the 59th minute, a player from the visitors shot dangerously at speed, but his shot went wide of the goal.

Immediately after that, CSKA attacked dangerously through Kjartansson, who was stopped right in front of the goal.

In the 65th minute, after a dangerous attack, Georgi Rusev crossed parallel to the goal, but Vidar Kjartansson was inches away from hitting Hebar's goal.

In the 71st minute, after a great combination between Rusev and Thalis, the Brazilian shot, but after a ricochet the ball went into the corner.

A little later, the Reds men were very close to a second goal, but luck eluded the Reds again.

15 minutes before the end of regular time, Daniel Naumov deflected a treacherous shot after a ricochet.

In the 81st minute, Atanas Kabov equalized the score.

Until the end of the match, the Reds pressed their opponent, but were unable to score.

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